Paying with Lightning

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First You'll need a wallet that can use the lightning network. Eclair Wallet for Android and Zap for Windows and iOS. Note that these are still beta.

Send funds to yourself

If you have not got any bitcoin the easiest way to get hold of some is to use or where you can purchase £2-£10 instantly via Fasterpay (a normal uk bank transfer).

For people outside the UK, you can find merchants at

Alernatively, you can get Bitcoin in person from a cashpoint. Here is a map of cash points (ATM's) local to you.

Open a channel

This is the part that is different with lightning. To start using the lightning network you need to open at least one channel with another user on the network. In the future this will be automated, but for now we have to do it ourselves. It is best to connect to another well connected node to start off with. I would recommend connecting to one of these 3 nodes:

This website's Node: !Insert Node URI!

Satoshi's Place: !insert QR Code! !Insert Node URI!

Lightning Zone: 03480a3bbf56dea2fbeeabfe7fcfd1fbd6a4070e126f0f83106b06eca6fd3297cb@

You can find other random nodes to connect to at

Creatinga payment channel will put a portion of your funds into that channel. It takes 2 block confirmations for the channel to become active, which takes roughly 20 minutes. Once the channel is established you will be able to send funds from it. You can close the channel at any time. When cashpoints and tellers add lightning support, you will be able to add funds directly to your lightning channel balance.

Make a payment

Go to the !Blitz! game and click "Please insert coin" and you will see a QR code. Open the Eclair wallet and hit "Scan QR Code". Scan the code and you should see an invoice for 200sat ~1p. Pressing accept will send the payment.