With a bolt of Lightning...

A place to play arcade games on the web, funded the old school way of inserting coins to play. Using the Lightning Network, it is now possible to use micro-payments to pay for games. It can be used on the web or in a physical arcade.

Micropayments for games an multi-media

The development of the Lightning Network has now made it possible to accept micropayments (a few pence or less) for content on the web. Two key features, instant settlement and microscopic fees create the opportunity for new web business models. LN is a currency agnostic, permissionless protocol for value exchange. Currently LN operates with Bitcoin and Litecoin, but any currency that adheres to the BOLT protocol can participate on the network. If you want to make your own arcade you can get the LN-Payment asset for Unity3d here. For users looking to get started developing LN applications you will find instlation instructions here