With a bolt of Lightning...

A place to play arcade games on the web, funded the old school way of coin operation to play - except now using internet cash. Using the Lightning network we can send and recieve payments instantly on the internet even for ammounts smaller than a penny! Try playing a game.

Micropayments for games an multi-media

The development of the Lightning Network (LN) has made it possible to accept micropayments ranging from 1/200th of a penny to a few hundred pounds. Two key features; instant settlement and microscopic fees create the opportunity for previously impossible business models. LN is a currency agnostic protocol, and it is currently implimented with Bitcoin and Litecoin. The first thing I want to explore with lightning is having games and media on the internet that is not funded by adverts.

How do I pay with Lightning?

How can I make my own Arcade game?

How do I tinker with Lightning?